Dear New Democrat,

I’m supporting Nils Jensen for Leader. I’ve been involved in the party since I graduated from high school, and I’m convinced that Nils is the Leader for a new generation of British Columbians.

Nils is a successful politician who’s proven his skills as a consensus-builder and a mediator. With his professional experience and policy smarts he’s going to be taken seriously in Victoria. He’s extremely well-regarded in his local community through his public work on water conservation and Victoria’s harbour.

Nils Jensen is tireless. He’s toured the province twice over, visiting over 35 communities meeting with New Democrats, labour activists and community leaders. His energy and optimism is infectious, and it’s just what we need in the NDP.

Nils also has an important message about the future of our party. We must move forward and build a progressive social democratic majority that can make a difference in government. As
a young person who’s dedicated many years to our party, I’m asking you to consider supporting his campaign and make a financial contribution.

Leadership campaigns not only take a lot of time and dedication, but financial resources as well. There are costs to visit and phone the thousands of NDP members across the province, build web sites, print leaflets and signs, and participate in convention.

Please consider a generous financial contribution to Nils’ campaign. Any amount to assist Nils in getting his message out is appreciated.


Maya Russell
Campaign volunteer

Donations can be sent to the address below.

  'Nils Jensen Leadership Campaign'
c/o Steve Gorman, Financial Agent
Suite 107, 1595 McKenzie Avenue
Victoria, BC, V8N 1A4

Financial Contact Information


(250) 370-1188

[email protected]



I urge delegates to select Nils Jensen as Leader. I've seen our party go through many stages, and this is the stage when we must choose a strong, new voice. Jensen provides exactly the blend of passion and intelligence that this province needs.
Mike Farnworth Former Minister of Health and MLA, Port Coquitlam