People I speak with really appreciate having community-based police and fire departments – it gives them a sense of personal security. At the same time I hear they want regional cooperation in cases of major crimes and disasters.

What we’ve done:
• Created a police strategic plan that emphasizes traffic safety.
• Worked with adjoining fire departments in cases of major fires and mishaps.
• Joined a single regional police dispatch service.
• Implemented a deer reduction program.
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What I support

Greater regional integration of public safety services
• Stable regional police units for specialized services such as forensics, canine and emergency response.
• A single regional fire dispatch service.
• A coordinated regional emergency preparedness program that includes a single early warning system.

Maintaining an effective deer reduction program
• A regional wildlife management plan to deal with the burgeoning population of raccoons, invasive American Bullfrogs, geese and deer.
• An Oak Bay-Victoria-Saanich joint deer reduction strategy.
• Completing the ongoing deer reduction birth control program.
• A rigorous assessment of the effectiveness of birth control to reduce the deer population.

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