Renewal for Oak Bay

I’m hearing many people in Oak Bay concerned about our bumpy roads and uneven sidewalks. Seniors in particular have passed along worries about trip hazards. Our underground infrastructure needs repairing too. I also hear we need affordable rental housing.

What we’ve done:
• Invested millions upgrading infrastructure.
• Increased spending on roads, sidewalks and bike lanes.
• Started a $20 million project to stop sewage spilling onto our beaches.

What I support

Rebuilding Infrastructure
• Implementing a 20+ year plan for water and sewer infrastructure renewal
• Increasing funding for safer, wider sidewalks and better roads.
• Using federal Gas Tax grants (approx. $800,000/year) to make infrastructure upgrades and avoid spikes in taxes.

Redeveloping the Oak Bay Lodge site
• Conducting a proactive community-based public engagement process for Oak Bay residents to have their say on the best use for the Lodge site.
• Exploring the idea of a mixed-use facility that would include a seniors’ daycare and health professional services.

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