Council began the process for regulating secondary suites in 2017 by including monies in the budget for a public engagement process.

I’ve been listening carefully to the issues that need to be explored during the public engagement process that will be conducted in advance of regulation.

These issues include:
Parking: Should extra off-street parking be required and if so how many spaces?
Owner Occupancy: Should the property owner be required to live on site?
Designated zones: Should suites be allowed in all residential zones or just in some?
Lot/Frontage size: Should there be a minimum lot size or frontage required to have a suite?
Suite size: Should there be a maximum or minimum size required for the suite?
Occupant limits: Should there be a limit on the number of occupants of a suite?
Registration: Should registration and licence fees be required? If so, how much should the fees be?