We all want a livable, vibrant and well-governed community. I hear many say we need more housing options to attract young people and to keep seniors in our community. People also want quality public services while maintaining reasonable taxation.

What we’ve done:
• Put aside reserves of over $30 million mostly for infrastructure such as the Uplands sewer project.
• Pursued and received over $4.5 million in infrastructure grants from the federal and provincial governments in 2017-18 for projects such as water and sewer pipes, energy efficiency and bike lanes.
• Approved the first market rental building in over 30 years.
• Created an ArtsAlive program that is the envy of the region.

What I support

Maintaining sound financial planning and controls
• Active pursuit of federal and provincial grants.
• Avoiding sharp tax increase by funding large longer-term infrastructure projects through borrowing and grants.
• Reasonable property taxes.
• Improved effectiveness and efficiency at municipal hall.
• Working with regional partners 
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Maintaining a livable, walkable and vibrant community
• Funding for the arts such as the very successful ArtsAlive program and the Arts and Culture Fortnight.
• Extending bike lanes – although we might not all agree, it is the future and reasonable compromises are possible.
• Wider, safer sidewalks to accommodate walkers and strollers, especially in Oak Bay Village.

Protecting Established Neighbourhoods
• Confining new multi-family developments to commercial nodes and main thoroughfares.
• Preventing over-development that impact established neighbourhoods.
• Encouraging smaller seniors-oriented homes.

Creating Housing Options
• Regulating secondary suites.
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• More affordable rental housing by partnering with BC Housing and local agencies. This would include providing publicly owned land.
• Exploring ways to permit duplexes, triplexes and conversions.
• An Oak Bay Village that encourages mixed commercial/residential development.

Protecting Heritage
• Completing the groundbreaking Heritage Conservation Area that will create a model for heritage protection.
• Pursuing opportunities for voluntary heritage designations.
• Programs that support home owners to take advantage of Heritage Revitalization Agreements for projects such as conversions.

Engaging Youth
• Creating a Mayor’s Advisory Committee on Youth Issues.
• Continue fun educational opportunities for school and community youth groups at municipal hall and schools.

A Rigorous Approach to Protecting our Urban Forest
• Tougher tree protections bylaws that will require planting of trees lost to development.

More daycare spaces
• Create opportunities for more public and private child care.
• Take advantage of the recently announcing provincial funding program that provides up to $1 million for public facilities.
• Complete zoning changes that encourage private child care.