In April 2013 all 13 municipalities along with the CRD, CREST and GVPL signed on to a formal agreement called the “Good Neighbour Protocol”. The agreement has multiple aims including:
• Promoting good neighbour practices such as sharing services to create efficiencies.
• Promoting partnerships opportunities which contribute to better service delivery.
• Implementing projects and programs collaboratively.
• Promoting best management practices and a shared service delivery dialogue through regular meeting and dialogue.

As of January 2016 the Good Neighbour Protocol Cooperative Efforts Inventory listed 203 distinct joint ventures and opportunities that have been used by the regions local governments. In some cases all of the communities join in a venture, in other situations only an interested few.

Here are some examples of cooperative efforts and agreements that Oak Bay participates in:
Greater Victoria Public Library – Oak Bay and 9 area municipalities
GIS/Natural Areas Atlas – all local governments
Refuse disposal and recycling – all local governments
Regional Trunk Sewer – Oak Bay and eight other municipalities
Regional Water Supply – all local governments
Cross Border Agreements – Oak Bay and three other municipalities
Pressure test and Chlorination of new water mains – Oak Bay, Victoria, Saanich and the CRD
Core Fire Mutual Aid – Oak Bay and three core municipalities
Confined Space Agreement – Oak Bay, Saanich and UVic
Health Facilities Planning – all local governments
Recreation Integration – Oak Bay, 3 core municipalities Panorama and Westshore
Royal Theatre – Oak Bay, Saanich and Victoria
Specialized Police Services (such as Identification and K9) – Oak Bay and Saanich
911 – all local governments